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 More People Live on Facebook Than In the U.S.

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Facebook has broken the 500 million active user mark, the company announced this morning, just six and a half years after it was launched in a Harvard dorm room.

Back in Februrary through March of last year, there was much discussion about how Facebook was approaching questions of site governance, and in particularly the freedom that they were giving users to collaborate on site policies. I pointedly joked at the time that while Zuckerberg and company liked to talk about high Facebook would rank in population charts if it were a country, that country would be Qatar, given the strange sort of quasi-free controlled governance that prevailed inside its borders.

Welp, make that 300 Qatars. The site has more than doubled since that bumpy period of last spring. Those troubles over privacy and user freedoms haven't slowed its growth, and neither has the fact that its users are just about as pleased with the service as they are with the airlines and cable companies. In terms of real countries, only India and China are bigger.

To commemorate and celebrate the achievement, Facebook has launched Facebook Stories, saying on the company blog, "We want to hear your story, too, so it can inspire others... to reconnect with long-lost friends, get closer to their friends and family, support those in need, or even start a political movement."
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