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INDOOR AIR POLLUTION is very very bad. Within homes, offices, malls and people occupied space, INDOOR AIR POLLUTION is causing plenty of different allergies. We do not realise that we spend plenty of our time, indoor. Hours spent daily in our own home bedrooms is a minimum of about 6 hours as adults (children and elderly spend 10-14 hours or more) and the air that we breathe each night in our own bedrooms is "the dirtiest". Besides that, the other ugly truth is that our mattresses are "the filthiest" and really add to bedroom air pollution. I have visited more than 2,000 bedrooms over the last 9 years, and the truth shows every time. You can WASH YOUR BEDROOM AIR WITH WATER, EVERY NIGHT and WASH YOUR MATTRESS TWICE WEEKLY. Yes! WASH WITH WATER. Nothing will get wet. However, you will see "tons" of dirt being removed from the mattress. You will regret having slept in dirt, all these years. Your joy will be that hereafter, you would know how to remove pollutes from the air and dirty filth from the mattress. Get more details from K Thiruselvam at 016-3712762.
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