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 Basic Mandarin Course in Klang, Selangor

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Mandarin/Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, with over a billion native speakers.

Why study Mandarin with us?

-Highly experienced and well-qualified teachers.
-For 10 years AEA has helped students learn Mandarin quickly and effectively.

Our courses are designed to:

-Develop listening & speaking skills systematically.
-Help you to master pronunciation and vocabulary.
-Improve your communicative competence.
-Create opportunities for you to actively use the language through pair and  group work and to develop your confidence and fluency.

Student testimonials:

Name: Hamshareena (002035)

I feel very happy to join this class. I can speak basic Mandarin now. The teacher is very kind and caring. The environment was so good. I bet you guys will enjoy these classes.

Name: Ashveen Kaur Boparoy (002040)

I am happy with the course. I’ve made a few friends and gained a lot of knowledge. The teacher is very friendly and she helps us whenever we have difficulties in terms of speaking and understanding the language.

Name: Danial Tan bin Johan Tan (002032)

The basic Mandarin class enabled to learn basic Mandarin vocabulary and how to construct sentences. Using this knowledge, now I have more confidence to converse in Mandarin.

Asia Educational Academy

Tel: 012-255 1081

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