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 Hin Hua High School

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Hin Hua High School(Simplified Chinese: 兴华中学; Traditional Chinese: 興華中學) is a famous Chinese Independent High School in Malaysia. It is the only secondary school in Malaysia with an astronomical observatory using the latest astronomical telescope.

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Introduction and History

Hin Hua High School is located along Persiaran Raja Muda Musa in the southern part of Klang, the prominent Hin Hua High School was jointly established by parents, teachers and students in 1947.

In line with the demand for a contemporary approach in education and the implementation of the new Education Act, the school had a reshuffling exercise in 1969; which at that stage was deemed essential and inevitable. Today the school has been rebuilt into a modern and well-equipped Chinese Independent Secondary School with a student population of 2200 (from Junior 1 to Senior 3).To enhance learning and teaching effectiveness, eClass Learning Platform has been introduced and a nine-storey building is expected to be completed to further upgrade the school facilities in 2007.

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To provide an all-round education for students in terms of mental alertness, intellectual capability, emotional balance, forthright morality, spiritual awareness and physical fitness.

To inspire creativity among students and encourage them to discover their innate talents and aptitudes through a pleasurable and adventurous learning process and actualizing their goals.

To inculcate practical and objective thinking in students with a sense of discrimination?and purpose?towards their actions and to weigh and consider the outcomes with reasons, empathy and intuitive judgment.

To train students to be self-reliant, resourceful and effectively manage the challenges of life while harmoniously adapting to constant changes in the environment with self confidence, general awareness, self control and mature symbiotic relationships.

To instill human values in students and to guide them to become men and women of character and-to act as agents of positive change in society; towards creating a better future and a higher standard of life.

To uphold the principles of ‘learn to live, learn to do, learn to be & learn to know’ in order to acquire an integrated personality.

To stress on quality education based on ‘Multiple Intelligence Mode’ offering a variety of subjects taught in the three main languages (Mandarin, English & Bahasa Malaysia); to cater to the varying capabilities of students; to enable them to discover their aptitudes and to develop a global perspective.

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Scholarship and Loan Scheme

Based on the missions and aims of Chinese Independent Secondary Schools, we provide a range of assisting programmes. This is to ensure that our students are fully nurtured and well-equipped to contribute to the Community. Students from poor families, who are willing to study and to complete their studies, can apply for financial aid under the following programmes:

Waiver in School Fee
Waiver in School Fee and Miscellaneous Fee (for top students)
Textbook Loan
Higher Education Loan (Senior Three graduates)

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Ample Opportunity for Further Studies

The Unified Examination for Chinese Independent Secondary Schools in Malaysia (U.E.C) certificate has gained the recognition of more than 400 universities worldwide. School graduates have a wider choice of universities to further their studies.

Holders of the UEC certificate can choose to study in local private universities or colleges. They can attain the certificate of LCCI, ICSA, CIMA, AAT or NCC by opting for a particular programme available. They can also register for other courses such as the credit transfer or twinning programmes and then complete their studies overseas in one or two years.

They can further their studies in many countries, such as the U.S.A., U.K., N.Z., Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan.Holders of the UEC certificate with good results are eligible to study in the National University Of Singapore, Nanyang University of Science and Technology and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, etc.

School Hostel

In order to encourage those students who live afar to receive their education in Chinese Independent Secondary School, we take the planning and management of school hostel as one important developing project. The hostel provides a comfortable and conducive learning environment. Students are trained to lead a life with discipline and punctuality. The hostel houses a special counseling room which allows for the highest degree of personal and group counseling and guidance by the wardens aided by the school staff who are attached to the school counseling department. They are always available to discuss the progress and development of the child. In addition, we have put a lot of efforts to strengthen the interaction and communication among parents, children and the school.
The friendliness, warmth and cooperation among peers topped by the personalized care and counsel make Hin Hua High School Hostel truly ‘a home away from home.’
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